I have always been a dreamer. Perhaps go getter is the proper term, I don’t know.  Have you ever had a time in life when you felt life pummeled you and dealt you the worst of all cards on the deck and you wondered why life wasn’t fair to you? Well I have news for you and I bet you knew this all along. Life isn’t fair to everyone.

What we fail to ask ourselves is what happens when the ocean falls and tide rises and washes away the perfect sand castle we have created. Heck, why are we building castles in the sand anyway? Is that why we exist? To create a temporary facade that shifts with the shadow and fades away? Nope I believe we were made for so much more and that’s the problem. I perceive we have failed to understand time and again that we are made for so much more. The natural human instinct is to crave the temporary pleasure that presents itself immediately but we forget, it is just a castle in the sand. The ocean rises and the blueprints fade away leaving you empty with what could have been.

We fail to realise that one major thing we neglect is the process. The product may be beautiful and pleasing to the eyes but if the process is faulty, it will be tested by fire and it will fail woefully. Have you ever been to the potters workshop. A decent piece of ceramic pottery isn’t complete till it has been glazed. If that’s not done, it is just a pot. Therein lies the problem. Alot of people are less concerned about the process as they are concerned about the product. The focus has shifted. We want the temporary pleasure we desire the quick solution but we have failed to realise that we need to put in the work!

So life has dealt you a hard left hook to the jaw and all your cards have fallen to the ground, you are out of breath. Is that why you are here? So what if the tides comes and washes away your perfect blueprint. So what if you need to pick up the pieces and start all over again. The question in that instant is what drives you? If you do what you just because of you then it is easy to quit and give up! You will in that moment fail to rise up to the colossal challenge because you have met something TOUGHER than you are. Everything falls down.

On the flip side if what drives you is bigger than the concept of who you are. If what drives you goes beyond shifting satisfaction, it is easy to pick your cards up and say “no disrespect Mr. Life, no disrespect Mr.  Unpleasant Situation but this is bigger than you” . In that moment it is easier to pick up your deck of cards and reshuffle it because you were not born to give up.

You realise in that moment what matters is who you are and what you do and what you do is bigger than who you are. You tell yourself when the tally is being ticked and you are gone,  what do you want to be remembered for? The guy who went with the rising tides or the person who reshuffled his cards and picked Aces. Who are you?



I am the sound of a thousand warriors
Quick swift stride
The heartbeat of the mighty
Thumping with pride
I am strength for the weary
The one who is broken
I am the sound of victory
The glory of the down trodden


I am the one who’s been beaten.
Faced with mountains so mighty
Walking through valleys so creepy
Yet the light in the darkness
Shining forth to glorious day.
I am the network of hearts
the tenacity of souls

I am the heart of the brave
I keep them strong
The sound of victory’s song
Walking with heads held high
I am the champion


I am the beauty of the rising sun.
The glory of the breaking dawn
My name is fearless
I walk wear angels fear to tread
I am  beaten
I am battered 
I am never giving up!

Model: @bewkiss
Makeup  by: @Metere_makeovers
Dress: @3_sevens
Photography: @BanjyteImagery

Hey people,
Its been a long while and I know we have this love hate relationship going on. Maintaining a blog especially when you are not making any huge money from it yet is such a demanding thing but we are surviving. I am also tired of apologizing for late posts and ridiculous time interval between posts. So maybe if we can help me and find somebody that will pay me to post…maybe, just maybe I will have enough ‘ginger’ to post regularly. Right now, I just love writing.

It has been a long while I wrote on this category of COCK TAILS AND HEN TAILS. Let me take this opportunity to reintroduce the column. Cock tails and Hen tails is a column meant to analyze and shed more light on things that relate to the male and female sex. It is a cheeky coinage I know, blame it on my overactive imagination. Here we discuss in the plainest of terms issues ranging from everyday interaction, hook ups, dating, grooming, you just name it. Most times it will be sex specific. Other times I will have a female writer join me in creating a post. At some points when I feel I may have gone in too hard on some issue…I will have a female writer bring in some perspective in form of a rejoinder and maybe we will all learn.

Today’s topic…I know the header sounds cheeky but we will be talking about male grooming basically. It is an issue that bothers me a lot when I see fellow men folks not paying attention to how they look. I know we aren’t females who spend ridiculous amounts of time and resources in trying to look good… Which I have no problem with by the way, That does not mean we should be oblivious to how we look. Remember the old saying that how you dress is how you will be addressed. Permit me to put up my 21st century version here: How you look will determine how hastily you will be ‘un-looked’. *side eye*. It means in essence, many times your appearance will determine how long you may be able to hold somebody’s attention.
For instance, I personally will not want to stay so long around somebody who has some degree of Body odour. While in some people, I know for a fact that the body odour they have may be due to no fault of theirs, it doesn’t mean that it cant be managed. Do you get my drift here? Likewise, dirty unkempt hair (including facial hair) is a just ridiculous. I am sure the female folks will agree with me on this even though the issue of beards or no beards is still a thing of debate in the female kingdom, haha…generally when hair is unkempt it is a big no-no.

So lets go in and discuss a few grooming tips that we need as men. Most of these tips I learnt from people and I developed from my own experience. Some may sound outrightly ridiculous for a man but let us keep an open mind shall we?
1. Axillary Hair: This is predominantly a male thing. Due to the influence of hormones, especially Testosterone, male folks are predisposed to growing hair more prominently in particular sites of the body. So apart from the regular hair on your head, hair in other parts should be kept as neat as possible. Guys, there is nothing sexy about keeping hair in your armpit. Axillary hair is just disgusting…especially when it is unkempt and whitish *pukes* I don’t know the people you have been dating and their peculiarities but keeping axillary hair is just plain nauseating. Keep it trimmed. Becareful when shaving to avoid cuts but razor cuts there can be really discomforting and take a while to heal. I recommend Gillette Blue II for a good shave. At least that’s what I use.

2. Pubic Hair: I don’t even know where to start on this one. I personally don’t know where y’all got the idea that it is cool to keep pubic hair. To what end exactly, are you planning to braid it? Be a man, man!!! Shave that bush. Wait, does it not itch when its overgrown? I mean the little man down there is already living in cramped quarters, you now surround him with a forest??? Dude!!!!! Besides I have heard that shaving the nether regions make you appear ‘bigger’. Don’t ask and I won’t tell. Hehehehe

3.Facial Hair: I personally used to be clean shaven. Which is okay, I have nothing against clean shaven folks and bearded folks. Right now I belong to the #BeardGang *insert ominous drum roll* but that decision wasn’t an easy one, making that transition. I had to balance it between fully grown beards and well trimmed one…primarily because of my profession. Having fully grown beards around the hospital is just not the culture here. This aspect of the post will focus on those who have decided to keep beards…otherwise the rest of you humans can maintain a clean shave. Keeping beards requires patience, dedication and commitment. The first couple of months will look ridiculous but as the beard grows, so does your grooming technique/time(and hopefully general appeal to the females) . But here are a few tips:

I. Ensure you have a uniform trip every time you shave/visit you barber. It makes your beard generally more attractive.

II. Keep a comb nearby to catch those stray strands during the day.

III. Washing your beards is also important. A good shampoo wash and proper conditioning means you are good to go. I use Aquamarine Peach conditioner.

IV. Oil it!!! Yes you heard me. Oil give a good shine and prevents breakage. Now personally, because my beard tends to grow straight down, I tend to oil it perpendicular to my skin.

V. Finally, of course you need to brush it down. It makes everything come together well.

But that is just me. If you have your own tip holla at me below.

4. Deodorants and Perfume: I expect any self respecting man to invest in some deodorants and cologne. You don’t want to go chat up that hot girl at work or in a bar smelling like a gym towel. I think at some point I started keeping an extra bottle of perfume in my car. So if I am going to meet a babe…she will always comment “you smell good” and I will just smile sheepishly. I don’t know your preferences but personally I use AXE body spray. AXE probably needs to make me a brand ambassador so if you have connections please hook me up. If you look into my closet, you’ll probably find up to 15 cans of AXE. I don’t use it all at once. (Some have finished too.)
Don’t overdo your perfume/cologne. You want to do just enough  that when you hug her, she goes home needing to explain to her Boyfriend(if she isn’t single) where she is coming from. Hehehe. I know I am evil! It also means you need something good so for this one I recommend Terre D’Hermes.

WOW this is turning to a really long post than I initially planned. Let me just stop here for now. Next time I will pick it up from here. we will talk about choice of underwear, shoes, belts, and generally clothing.

Final Line: you don’t have to break the bank to look good. Just be smart.

Peace. Love. And Chicken Grease.


Everyday we face a constant battle against the demons within. Image from Glitchcat.com

We all have our demons, we’ve just gotten really good at hiding them. It doesn’t matter how good we’ve become at hiding them because when it comes down to the basics, when we are at the edge of ourselves, when the final straw breaks the camel’s back. These demons, the ones we have gotten so good at hiding, they find their way up.
They claw at the dark recesses of the darkness lurking within us. They whisper to us, appealing to our dark side and cheering us on. They pick the locks on the doors holding them back. Click. Click. Can you hear them now? The darkness! The whispers!!

We all have our demons. We’ve just gotten really good at holding them back. We have managed to hold on to this facade for so long…and really well. We know how to smile when we hurt. We know how not to yell when how we feel is actually contradictory. We are able to keep calm in the midst of our storms. The storms. The storms within that rage,  wind howling like wounded dog and the thunder bellowing in the voice of a hundred thousand men . The darkness drawing us in to itself but we have gotten really good at keeping firmly rooted.

We have become happy, plastic people. We live under shiny plastic steeple. We have gotten really good at laying hands on others when what we actually wish  for is somebody to lay hands on us. We search deep down for that person who will look at us and tell us everything will be okay. We have become a shade of that thing we vowed not to become. We call it strength but is it really strength? Is it? Is it a shade of weakness? Perhaps! This has made us the cautious ones. We forget we are the ones called to walk on the edge. We have given power to these demons to hold us back. We have allowed them to keep us firmly rooted when what we were born to do is soar. Yet we have allowed our feet to be planted on this earth. We allowed ourselves to be sucked in the whirl pool that drags us farther out into the ocean of people. We’ve become to careful because let’s face it, we don’t want them to reject us. It’s like quick sand. We have our demons, the more we struggle against them the farther we sink.

We all have our demons and  we forget we are gods. What do we do when these demons find their way out? Do we stand and fight? Do we run? Do we yield? I don’t know. We just have our demons but then again what do I know? I’m a god!

Editor’s Notes: Hello humans, and the rest of you who wear bow tie and sandals! Welcome to the first official post for the year! I should have published this since last year but I am sure it was delayed for a reason! I do not know why, I should apologise to the author. I have never met him before. He read my blog and sent this in through a friend. I’m sorry bro, but better late than never and I am sure this post was deliberate for a time like this! Read on fam! You WILL love this…

It’s a bit cold and chilly my windows are closed but it’s still so cold inside.I am covered in my blanket listening to my favourite song and the lyrics- “spirit lead me where my trust is without borders let me walk upon the waters wherever you would call me and take me deeper than my feet can ever wander and my faith will be me stronger in the presence of my saviour“- touched my heart like I was hearing it for the first time.It was like rhema..my mind went through the whole year like a flash it even went beyond the year. It took me 2 a particular evening in Jan 2012 when I was sitting outside with my mom.

I had previously told her indirectly that I had a girlfriend and we usually had sexual relations.My mom, being who she is [cool,calm and collected] took the information to heart and thought about it and came up with a speech which she planned to deliver to me on this fateful evening.

She called me “Nzube” in her sweet calm voice and said “Nzube, you know if you can keep away from that dirty thing you do with your girlfriend for a whole year God will take you to heights you cannot even imagine“…she said a whole lot of things after that most of which I have forgotten but those particular words, I couldn’t  forget.I tried to put it to practise..I tried to abstain for a whole year [I mean how hard could it be] and this led me on a journey of answering 3 different altar calls, abstaining from sex for 3,6 and 8 months respectively until I encountered grace.

Grace takes charge when you, truly, from the depth of your heart want to give up something;not when you try to give it up for a period of time with the comfort that you would return in a stipulated time.

My mind then drifted to January 2014 at the 1st 10mins of the year.I was at watch night service at deeper life church in my village.Pastor kumuyi ministering through satellite asked everyone to pray for what they want or desire from God for the year.He said declare and it would come to pass. Normally I would have asked for success in the particular MBBS exam I would write that year but this time I wanted something more…my heart yearned for God, I wanted to know him more and I said this words..Lord draw me closer to you this is my desire.
It was not at this point I encountered grace though,I had encountered her about 4 months earlier..but when I made this particular declaration it was a defining moment.Looking back at the year God has truly drawn me close to himself and his grace has been sufficient.

God taught me so much this year and through him I did so much stuff that talking about them will fill a book. The highlight I would say, was the day I stood in front of my class to share the word of God to my classmates.That afternoon was quite hot and we had just come back from clinical postings.We were expecting a lecturer only for the course rep to receive a call that the lecture was cancelled.On hearing this,suddenly a still voice popped in my head saying “now is the time”.It had been the same voice that has been saying softly to me all year long that I would One day stand, in front of my class to preach; the voice, buttressed by the fact that in the missions board meeting the previous week the school missions secretary had urged me to do a devotion in class and appoint someone to share the word or I do it myself.When I heard this voice my heart sank.You need to know my previous reputation to understand how significant this moment was. Some of my classmates knew I had turned a new leaf but they didn’t know to what extent.I tried to fight the voice by listening to songs on my phone and then my favourite song by Hillsong United [the song I was listening to at the beginning of this write up] somehow started playing. That moment, I realised this issue ‘odikwa serious’. I then said to myself ; okay let me read the bible on my phone to see the word that I would share if I finally decided 2 preach.I went to Romans 5 and for d 1st time I discovered my phone bible had an audio and in that moment one of the most beautiful combination of sounds I had ever heard filled my ear -the audio bible was playing and my favourite song- Oceans where feet may fail -were playing at the same time! They aligned in a glorious, perfect symphony.There and then I realised this was God asking me to do this.

I stood up from my seat and then sat back immediately.I stood up again only to get in front of the class and walk past it like I was passing through. I went outside my heart beating! I knew that once I did this everything would change.The whole school would know the new me,people would look at me differently,my friends would probably hate me,my not so good friends would probably hate me more. I also knew in my heart that if I didn’t do this my heart wouldn’t be at peace until I get another opportunity to.I decided to seize the moment for my Father.I went in front of the class and opened my mouth and this words tumbled out

Good day everyone I want to share the word of God with you all“.
Everyone turned in great surprise,some in disbelief,a few were not as surprised..they were happy.

I preached God’s word that day and it brought about a change in my life nd in my class. It was a truly awesome experience.

God has taken me to great heights this year and I know this is just d beginning….yea by d way d 4th mbbs exams I didn’t pray about at the start of the year…I passed it 3/3….My God is truly awesome!

Editor’s Note: God bless you Zubby (Am I allowed to call you that) for sharing this! This is such a huge story which is in line with my new series that’ll be making its debut, not here but on http://www.xtremgospel.com in a few days. It is titled “Something to say”. Please look out for it! Keep on standing!!! SUPERHUMAN


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Okay. So how did this year start? To be honest I wasn’t really hoping for much…
You see this year’s been one in a series of…let me say “weird” ones.
Most days I’m extremely aware of my shortcomings
And other days I just don’t care.

But everyday I wake up. I have an extra day to try
I don’t always though. I’m sick like that
I’m not one of the best humans alive. Au contraire.
I have-obviously-made and will probably continue to make many mistakes
But God does so many beautiful things in spite of my ugliness.
He’s been wonderful-and I know I’m not worthy to say that.

A beautiful perfect baby
A perfectly wonderful ending to a school year
Loving friends and family-sooooo many
And me.

Because everyday his mercies are new.
And He doesn’t fail, does He?
There’s nothing impossible with God-
Even with all the nut cases running around

So…here’s to less mad days ahead/a saner me…with hope and faith cheering me on.


Editor’s Note: Now somebody I know very well sent this to me. She doesn’t want her name in the blog. Normally i’ll be the one putting up a post. This instead sums it up. I’ll put up my post in the new year!

Here’s to 2015! Cheers.